Quality Management

Quality Management System Management Responsibilities

To ensure the continually improvement of Quality Management System, it is essential that the topmanagement to give their full support and commitment especially to the development and implementation.It will involve an effective communication within the organization in order to meet the client requirementsand achieve the required standard. Responsibilities of the top management are to establish the organizationquality policy, vision and mission, objectives and selection of project team members.A detailed and clear job responsibility description is important to ensure that each of the project teammembers understand their responsible in order to achieve the required objectives. Besides that, the annualmanagement review needs to be conduct by the top management to ensure the effectiveness of implementing the Quality Management System. On top of that, the availability of the resources is importantfor smooth construction process and the top management also need to plan the optimal usage of theresources.

Resource Management

In resource management, it emphasis the requirement to procure, deploy and control such as constructionpersonnel, subcontractors and suppliers or in specific the labors, machinery and materials according to theproject requirements. Besides that, it also includes the administration and management of constructionactivities such as the drawings, method statements, project quality plan, specification, inspection andtesting plan and correspondences. In order to enhance the level of knowledge and skill of construction personnel, training and development must be provided. According to Lydia (2010), the guidelines foreffective resource management are:

Ensure that resources are studied and analyzed in advance onto their availability, skill and capability Establish programmes to develop or enhance the multi-skill of the labour resource. Ensure that resources especially labour are properly trained to undertake the respective tasks in the project.


An effective planning requires the organization to plan for the resources and the construction work byproviding the work programme, cost programme, project quality plan, labour, material and plant schedule,construction method statement and inspection and test plan. Consequently, it will become as the corereference for the construction process control and conformance and performance measurement processes.According to Lydia (2010), the guidelines to ensure the quality in planning are:-

Ensure that all relevant parties involved including consultants, subcontractors and suppliers are included in the task of quality planning for the project Establish and define the purpose of the quality system In the plan, minimise the effort required to amend copies of documents Set up a quality system development team so that the team can produce an effective plan Ensure that throughout the quality planning task constantly focused on the customer requirements.

Construction Process Control

In construction process control, it is emphasis the managing of the construction activities such asmonitoring and supervising the physical works according to the construction programme, cost programme,method statement, drawings and specification. The final products of the construction process must beinspected and tested under the conformance and performance measurement process.Conformance and performance measurement is the requirement to inspect and test the materials, machineryand workmanship of the construction works. It can be done through daily, weekly or monthly site meeting.The project management team must review the outcome of the process in order to achieve the requiredproject objectives, consequently to make any necessary improvement to the implementation of the QualityManagement System.

According to Lydia (2010), the guidelines for quality control are:

  • Ensure that the work is done at controlled conditions.
  • Define the established process specification and workmanship standards to be achieved.
  • Key to control is monitoring the process and inspection and test process.
  • The capability of all processes to perform the task.
  • Construction workers with special and specific skills.