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Jana group is focused on delivering consulting and other professional services for the use and integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. We work with architects, engineers, contractors and specialized subcontractors to satisfy their requirements for modeling, documentation, visualization, spatial coordination, planning and BIM management. Our project-focused approach directly supports our client's business processes to increase efficiency. Our commitment is to ensure that BIM technology delivers the maximum results and added value to your business.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. The resulting building information models become shared knowledge resources to support decision-making about a facility from earliest conceptual stages, through design and construction, through its operational life and eventual demolition.

Our Services

The foundation of all our services begins with our Modeling. Jana Group brings to the table full BIM and on all disciplines: Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection. Jana Group produces valuable analysis about its Constructability and consequently cost and time savings. We can model, according to required BIM Model output, to different Levels of Development (LOD), from a simpler modeling for clash detection reports, to a more detailed modeling for Quantity-Take-Offs, Shop Drawings or even 6D BIM/Facility Management purposes. We can become extremely seamless to your design team or to the construction site by placing our BIM professionals in your office or in the field (On-Site Support) for the duration of the project/s, while the rest of the team at Jana Group assists you from our office.

How does it Work?

1.) 3D BIM Visualizing and reporting

Our Architects, Engineers, and Technician team will start to transfer the 2D Drawings into 3D CAD BIM Drawings. Many firms are adopting BIM for Construction, but the official contract documents are still executed in 2D. The greatest benefit of BIM technology is that we get to see the building before ground is ever broken. This is a tremendous benefit for all the project stakeholders because it can be difficult to visualize the structure from 2D drawings. With 3D BIM it will much more easily to find clash detections and prepare quantity take off reports.

Reporting is another key aspect of the 3D BIM. And it is important to note that the 3D BIM can results into reporting engine harnesses the complete project database. Think what you can create with all this information:

  • Construct ability Reports that organize the issues with snapshots of the 3D clash and the 2D drawing.
  • Quantity Takeoff Reports with the total quantities per takeoff item.
  • Quantity Takeoff by Locations Report looks at how materials are consumed across the job site.
  • Project Cost Reports for Estimates, Cost Variance, and more.
  • Visual Budget Reports show the current state of the project versus the target cost.
  • Bar charts, CPM and Flow line Reports. Flow lines are a visual representation of the schedule where the calendar is tracked along the x-axis, locations are tracked along the y-axis, and crews are identified by colored lines, the slope of which represents their productivity rate.
  • Cost-and Resource-Loaded Schedules are the perfect vehicle for communicating with the Owner.
  • Resource Histograms indicate the allocation of crews across a project site.
  • Control Charts are simple way to monitor the percent complete for the various trades.
  • Cash Flow Reports can be produced at any time during construction.
  • 2.) 4D BIM for Scheduling and Planning

    Jana Group brings a very unique solution to the table when we discuss construction scheduling. By adding time (Scheduling) to the 3D BIM drawings, the drawings will result into 4D BIM documents and movie animations that show the construction of the project within time. Our planners are capable of using the CPM, Bar Charts and Flow line. Flow line is a scheduling technique very efficient for high-rise buildings, linear and Mega multi repeated process construction. Our combination of quantities by location, flow line, on-site production control, and communication is dynamic and powerful. So let's start at the beginning: Quantities by location: Jana group helps our customers divide up the site into manageable areas per trade.

    If a crew is given a specific location for their efforts,clean and uninterrupted, their productivity should be maximized and their environment safe. These locations are then used to perform location-based quantity takeoff which is the input for location-based cost and schedule planning. Flowline scheduling: This scheduling method centers around uninterrupted work flow for trades and works hand-in-hand with locations. 4D BIM is a scientific derivation of the BIM model geometry for quantities, combined with locations and crew productivity rates. Using flowline theory, Schedule Planner optimizes the construction schedule by at least 10%.

    On-site production control: BIM doesn't stay at home or office, it heads out to the jobsite with the Superintendent to manage the schedule and oversee crew progress. Calculating an optimal construction schedule is one thing, but controlling the project on-site with Jana Group is what makes an A Player.

    Measuring work put in place by location and comparing actuals to planned helps Supers see potential conflicts far in advance. Now the team can work together to solve the scheduling conflict and avoid cascading delays.

    Communication: Just as 3D BIM makes it easy for everyone on the team to visualize the completed project, our 4D BIM scheduling movies makes it easy for audiences (Owners, trades, teams) to see how the building will come together. The 4D BIM is more than just a schedule movie - it's a powerful playback of the scientifically derived time schedule based on quantities by location and Crew productivity rates.

    3.) 5D BIM Quantity and Estimation Jana Group Estimators team will derive the 4D BIM into 5D BIM by adding cost to the estimated quantity takeoff materials. That scenario doesn't change with BIM - we just make it very visual and very comprehensive. Now Estimators, assured that they have not missed one iota of scope.

    Quantity Takeoff: Just as you would takeoff quantities with drawings, Estimators still need to takeoff quantities of a model. Now, however, the 5D BIM reads the model geometry and proposes several quantity calculations. The Estimator is still in control as to how those takeoff formulas will be calculated, but so done automatically. With our 3D BIM model quantity take offs, our powerful algorithm reads model geometry to produce a construction-caliber quantity takeoff.

    Estimating: At Jana Group we call this step cost planning because there will be many iterations of the estimate as more and more information is learned about the project. Imagine the Estimating team being able to alert the project stakeholders when a design change impacts the cost and by how much — and being able to do so almost immediately. With 5D Bllvl makes estimating cool again. The estimate evolves as more and more details are refined for the project. Budget Visualization: The views in 5D Bllvl are incredible. Not just because you can see the 3D model in relation to the schedule or the budget, or see the individual line items of the estimate highlighted in the model; but because it helps lay people understand the ripple effects of design changes and their decisions. 5D BIM does exactly this — allows the Estimator to show the Owner when and where the budget is being impacted. With 5D BIM, project stakeholders can examine budget levers, the items which greatly influence a project's ability to stay on track and run powerful comparisons.

    Other Services:

  • Site Selection and Site design
  • Land Use Consulting
  • Financial Planning, Tracking, Reporting, and Risk Management
  • Auditing for Quality Management ISO 9001
  • Giving certificates of Auditing/Lead Auditing for Quality Management ISO 9001 courses
  • Supervision end Consulting - Management of bidding and procurement process
  • Procurement cost consulting
  • Capitol pointing and cash flow analysis.
  • Construction cost accounting and auditing.
  • Contact administration and management.
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling and analysis
  • Project controls implementation and management
  • Contract administration value Management Systems.
  • Our Team

    BIM ManagerThe BIM manager is the head chair of all documents related To BIM. BIM Technicians, architects, and engineers will work under The BIM manager.

    BIM Technicians,architects, and Engineers TeamThe Team will be responsible for preparing all thedocuments of BIM under supervision of BIM manager.

    Planning and Estimating TeamThe Team is responsible for preparing documentsrelatedto estimating and project scheduling, and help BIM manager To maintain 4D BIM and 5D BIM.

    Consultants TeamThe team consist of varietyconstructionconsultants, We advise our clients in resolving complex internationalconstruction and engineering issues on a wide range of projects.

    IT TeamThe IT Team will be responsible for installing BIMsoftware’s in offices and site office.

    Our BIM and Other Software Packages

  • Revit Architecture
  • Revit Structure
  • Autodesk Novsiwor
  • Vico Office Suite
  • TeklaStructure
  • Archi Cad
  • Primavera
  • MS Project
  • And others